New Collection from Burberry

The Rolls is not so much king of the road as lord of all it surveys. It wafts over the UAE’s speed bumps as if they’re mere millimeter-tall imperfections in the road.

It’s almost impossible to be stressed inside the Cullinan, indeed, whether behind the wheel or in the cossetting rear armchairs – our test car comes in the “theatre” configuration of two enormous, enveloping back seats. Electrically operated curtains on all three glazed sides of the rear aid in keeping away prying eyes. There’s an faintly absurd amount of unfolding addenda in the rear-seat console between the back seats – at least two examples of which allow access to refrigerated cubbyholes complete with champagne flutes and decanters.

Roll with the punches. Sometimes you can plan your journey, but sometimes your journey chooses you.

By Stella McCartney

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The Monogram Collection

A film by Jonathan Wick


Photography by JONATHAN WICK

Second Photographer ALEXIS SILVER / Venue CIPRIANI 25 BROADWAY / Planner LAUREN DAVERSA / Floral Design SWOOP / Clothing OSCAR DE LA RENTA / Hair and Makeup FACETIME, EDGAR PARRA / Videography STEVE HENDRICKS