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When you’re in the stratosphere, nobody is surprised to meet the jetsetters
– and in Dubai’s rarefied climes, that means even the majesty of a Rolls-
Royce sometimes can’t retain the ability to turn heads.

Right now, the Cullinan is a different matter. You will regularly pass one of
the famous old British brand’s other current models – Ghost, Phantom,
Wraith and, on occasion, the drop-top Dawn – on the roads here; RR’s
debut SUV, however, is currently a box-fresh sight.

It’s a Rolls-Royce, Jeeves, but not as we know it. The Cullinan retains the
stately nose that has for decades defined the luxury-loving manufacturer,
yet with the grille set at an imposing height that suggests anything that
dares get in your way is going to stay hit.

Behind that snout is an engine with a familiar amount of cubic capacity:
6.75 litres of twin-turbo V12. That means it can hustle – numerous fellow
motorists are visibly surprised at the big Rolls’ swift pick-up embarrassing
their own rides’ acceleration. And speaking of embarrassment, without
mentioning brands, we could have sworn that an example of perhaps the
Cullinan’s nearest competitor almost cowered when the two SUVs meet at
a junction.

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